The school offers regular instruction in Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Personal Development/Health/Physical Education, Science and Technology, Human Society and Its Environment and The Creative and Practical Arts. These seven subjects are known as "Key Learning Areas" ( KLA's ). With the exception of Religious Education and Creative and Practical Arts, we have adopted the NSW Board of Studies curriculum documents.

We believe all learning is a developmental process and as a result, there will be tremendous individual differences.


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Other Programs

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The following programs, offered rely on availability of staff expertise:

Lego Robotics, Bee Bots, Northern Regions Public Speaking, Rostrum Speaking, Singfest Choir, Primary Speech Choir, Wakakirri, Music Corps; Violin, Piano/Keyboard, Guitar, Brass, School Band, Chess, AFL Gala Days for Years 3-6, Rugby League Gala Days for Years 3-6, Netball, Basketball, Cross Country, Swimming, Athletics- with the opportunity to compete in Northern Regions, Archdiocesan, Mackillop and State based events.