Staff Wellbeing

Bullying. No Way!


It would be great to know that every student has had some exposure to the content from the website.

A school understanding of the national definition is important.

Showcasing some of your learnings would be a great opportunity for Ben to work with your class.

Individual or class pledges would be a very powerful statement for those who are involved in bullying- perpetrators, bystanders and victims alike.

Please give every student a Bullying. No Way! wristband.


Here's where to start:

Define Bullying by visiitng and read the research, find the Facts and Figures or watch the video(s).


You won't need much more than this page-



Junior Kids will love the Allen Adventure- project it onto your whiteboard and explore the concepts it promotes.


Year 4-6 Students with access to Chromebooks could explore the For Kids section


Teachers can take greater control of what content is covered by using For Educators section