Vision and Mission Statement


As a community, St Gregory’s Primary School Seeks Truth through Gospel Values and is Faithful to the Teachings of Christ in providing quality education.



We nourish our spirituality when we join with God on the journey of learning.

  • Good teaching and learning in a Catholic school flows from a journey of self-discovery, enriched by life experiences.
  • Inspirational teaching and learning happens when we model the values of Jesus.
  • Good teaching and learning fosters equality by being accepting and inclusive.
  • Good teaching and learning occurs in a calm and trusting environment present in a spiritual classroom.



We nurture authentic relationships when we connect with our world.

  • We gather together to celebrate our friendships as a community.
  • We strive to build our relationship on trust, respect and open communication.
  • Our teaching is based on effective relationships that are centred on our positive role models.
  • Good teaching nurtures self-esteem by catering for each individual.



We strive to reach our potential by being the best that we can be each day.

  • Valuing our experiences links learning to our lives.
  • Being encouraged to take risks in a safe environment develops resilience for future challenges.
  • Exploring possibilities in our learning prepares us for our future.



St Gregory’s School Prayer

God our Father,
through Your Son Jesus Christ
and with Your Holy Spirit,
guide us today on our journey of learning.

May our school be a place of
wisdom, peace and friendship,
where together, we can grow and learn to be the best that we can be.

Help us to seek truth and be faithful children of Yours.

St Gregory the Great, pray for us.