Coding and Programming

LOGO (download a free PC version of LOGO)


Online use




Download and Run scratch without the web


SNAP (similar website to Scratch but built especially for use on iPads)


Pivot Animator

Pivot is a very engaging (yet quite simple) interface that allows students to animate simple (stick figure) objects. Try Pivot Animator 2- and if you like it- test the newest iteration!


For more information purchase the following series of Books

Max Wainwright's "How To Code" Books 1, 2, 3, 4 and Grown-Ups Guide

everything you need to know scratch, logo, python, html, javascript

Books and Gifts Direct North Sydney NSW


Download robots


Khan Academy

Learn how to use JavaScript language, HTML, CSS and SQL for making webpgaes and manipulating data. Students in Year 6 can use their Google accounts to easily sign in and begin.