Student WRITING is highly encouraged at St Gregory's Primary, Queanbeyan.

Below is a showcase of student writing completed by extended Years 3-6 students.



My life

By Seth B



The Game

By Tia H


Bounce, bounce

Swish, rebound

Whistles blowing

Ball bouncing

Coaches yelling

Crowd cheering

Siren ringing

Look, look

Checking score…

We won!

Yeah, the

Crowd roars 

Awesome game

The Movies

By Olivia L


Hooray! Yippee!

It’s come

Not tomorrow

But today

Into car

Drive away

Hop out

We’re here

Buy tickets

Buy snacks

Sit down

Movie starts

Quiet whispers

Baby cries

Crowd laughing

Everyone claps

Movie’s over

Walk out

Drive home

See you

Next time

Wake up

Good morning

Get dressed

Breakfast time

Weet bix

Food, yum

I’m hungry

Go down

The stairs

Watch TV

School time

Arrive at

The school

Later on

Go home

Have fun

Mum, Dad

Organising dinner

Three kids

Playing outside

Summer weather

Having fun

Now time

For dinner

Fish, chips

Yum, yum

Watch TV

The Voice

Joel, Ricky

Delta, Seal

Bed time

Good night

Grab teddy

Sleep tight

This is

My life

Athletic’s Carnival

By Jamie T


Fun day

Hungry already

Yum, yum

Race time

Run, run

So tired

Sit down

Another race

Oh man

Don't wanna

Might skip

Got called

Have to

Run fast

Very tired

Sit again

Finished now

Thank God!

AFL Football

By Sam R


Football fun

Hard training

Fantastic marks

Thumping kicks

Big hits

Amazing handballs

Free kicks

Painful tackles

Awesome smothers

Massive crowds

Fantastic atmosphere

Emotional wins

Football fun!

Once you have been given your reading tasks for this week- try to use the A to Z of Writing to respond to what you have experienced. Make something that stands out from the rest of the crowd!


The A to Z of Writing Ideas


Some of the A to Z of Writing Ideas can be enhanced by trying an online tool or Web 2.0 application.


Web 2.0- Try these online tools to enrich your learning and try to produce something different!!!!


Whatever you do- be original, think creatively, stand out for being unique!