ICT & Computer Skills

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Microsoft Excel Task 





Generates “word clouds” from text

that you provide. Word clouds can

be great discussion starters,

a quick way to brainstorm ideas

or analyse a speech, poem,

websites or book.


Create astonishing presentations

live and on the web.







Tagxedo turns words into a visually

stunning tag cloud.

Words individually sized appropriately

to highlight the frequencies of occurrence

within the body of text.


Below are some excellent and free web-based applications to

kelp students learn how to type using a computer keyboard.

They are listed in appropriateness for year levels.

Kinder and Year 1 


Year 2, 3 and 4


Year 3 and 4


Year 4, 5 and 6


Create a cool graphical likeness

of yourself for use as an avatar

in forums, instant messenger,

blogs and almost anywhere else

on the web.


 A Glog is a kind of poster —

fully designed by you!

A  unique creation made up of text,

images, music and video.

It’s up to you to make

your Glog stand out.