Religious Education


Religious Education


Each year, St Gregory’s Primary School adopts a theme to focus on for the year. This year, our theme is Share the Spirit.  This means showing school spirit, sporting spirit, trying your best and being your best. The spirit encourages us to be caring, friendly, tolerant, forgiving, joyful and generous to all we meet.


At St Gregory’s School, our program Treasures New and Old is designed so that:

the student knows, understands and values the living faith tradition and mission of the Catholic Church.


We recognise that our parents are the first educators of their children in faith and that we as educators work in partnership with our parents to bring the Primary Religious Education curriculum to all of our students. Through the curriculum and other faith experiences we hope that we enable our students to see and respond to God in their lives and come to know how much God loves them. The Treasures New and Old program has the following content strands:

God and God’s Creation: Students have opportunities to explore and clarify personal and social values of respect, cooperation, responsibility and fairness.

Jesus and Discipleship Students have opportunities to explore and clarify personal and social values of compassion, service, and forgiveness.

Church in the World Students have opportunities to explore and clarify personal and social values of truth, integrity and justice.

Prayer and Celebration I Students have opportunities to develop wellbeing and to explore and clarify personal and social values of peace, freedom and tolerance.


Prayer is an important part of St Gregory’s; we begin and conclude each day with whole campus prayer.  Each class also prepares a Whole School Focus Assembly where a Making Jesus Real theme is presented.



Special school masses are held throughout the year, where the whole school gathers at St Raphael’s Church.


Classes also prepare and participate in class masses or prayer celebrations during the year. Classes also buddy up and attend a Friday Parish mass during the year. Time for spiritual reflection is also offered to our Yr 6 students during Lent and Advent.


Students participate by reading the First Reading, Responsorial Psalm and Prayers of the Faithful, welcoming the Gospel, bringing the gifts at offertory, singing and helping in the band or choir.


Parents and friends are invited to attend all masses and prayer celebrations.



Family centered – Parish based – School supported.

Our Parish Priest, Fr Troy Bobbin, plays a vital role in the spiritual life of our school. Families and children are encouraged to participate in the parish in a variety of ways. The most important of which is the celebration of the Eucharist together.

Children's Liturgy is held at the 9am Parish Mass on Sunday and Youth Group every Sunday evening 4:30-6:30 at St Gregory’s Hall during the school term.

The following sacraments are conferred on the baptised catholic students from the school and parish

  • Year 3 Reconciliation
  • Year 4 Eucharist
  • Year 6 Confirmation

Each Sacrament requires preparation by teachers (Teacher Retreat), parents (Parent Information Evening and Commitment Mass) and the students  (Sacramental instruction in class and a Retreat day).


Registration for these can be found at or by calling the Parish Office on 62994611.



Each term we raise funds for a Catholic Charity

Term 1: Caritas: Project Compassion

Term 2: St Vincent DePaul (Mini Vinnies): Winter Appeal

Term 3: Mission Australia – Soctober /Mini Fete

Term 4: St Vincent DePaul (Mini Vinnies): Christmas Appeal




Gregory the Great was born in Rome. His father was a senator and his mother was St Celia. His family had lots of money. He received a good education and went on to become the governor of Rome. After his parents died, he used the money he had been left to him to build 6 monasteries in Sicily, Italy. He also turned his family home in Rome into a Benedictine monastery and entered the order. Pope Pelagius assigned him as one of the seven deacons of the Church. When Pope Pelagius died, Gregory became pope.


Pope Gregory was a wise pope and was liked by many. He worked hard to care for the people of the Church by ruling with fairness and justice. He referred to himself as “the servant of the servants of God.” He is considered one of the four Fathers of the Western Church. He is the patron saint of teachers.





Project Compassion  
Catholic Mission    
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