School buses travel to both campuses. Students in Kindergarten to Year Two are automatically eligible for free bus travel. Students from Year Three onwards must reside more than 1.6 kilometres (radial distance) from the school, or 2.3 kilometres or more by the most direct practicable walking route to be eligible for free bus travel. Applications for school travel passes in rural and regional NSW need to be completed online. Please click the bus pass information link below to apply online for your child's bus pass. 

All students travelling to school by bus should follow a simple “Code of Conduct” to help ensure the safety and comfort of everyone. Students will behave safely at all times; respect the needs and comfort of other passengers and always follow instructions about safety on the bus.


Qcity Transit Website 

Bus Pass Information 

Code of Conduct


Parents and carers waiting to collect children are asked to wait on the seats near Lowe Street (leaving the seats closest to the gate vacant for the children). Children who are to catch buses are lined up near the canteen to be led safely around to the bus area. When you collect your children, please ensure that they stand near you and that other children still waiting for collection are sitting on the seats and not playing with your children.

This is a duty of care issue and children remain under the supervision of teaching staff until they are collected by the nominated person or parent. It is difficult for staff to identify which children we are still responsible for when there are lots of children running and playing.


Parents and carers are to collect their children from the top or bottom gate. Year 3 and under wait at the bottom gate and Years 4 -6 with their younger siblings at the top gate. Children are supervised at the gates by a duty teacher. At the top gate (Mowatt Street) the teacher remains responsible for the children until an adult comes to the gate to collect them. At the bottom gate (MacQuoid Street) the blue gutter indicates a Kiss and Go area. Parents must remain with their vehicle, and the teacher on duty will let students go to the car. This is designed for quick entry and exit; it minimises congestion and risk when used properly by all parents.

We ask that parents do not use the bus gate and cross the road between the buses. This creates a very unsafe situation and also causes issues for the teachers and children accessing the buses. Your cooperation ensures we are providing safe arrangements for the children when leaving the school by using the designated gates.