Principal's Welcome

Welcome to our school community at St Gregory's.

St Gregory's is a Catholic School in Queanbeyan consisting of two campuses. The Junior Campus located in Lowe Street accommodates students in Kindergarten and Year 1. The Primary Campus in MacQuoid Street accommodates students from Year 2 to Year 6. Our school has single grade classes.

One Principal is in charge of the two campuses of St Gregory's. An Assistant Principal and three coordinators assist the Principal and are in charge if the Principal is absent or on the other campus. We also have a Religious Education Coordinator who assists us in our development of Religious Education and an Information and Communication Technologies Co-ordinator who are also on the executive team. There are other specialist co-ordinators for other areas of the curricula.

At St Gregory's the teachers will be guiding your child in the Catholic tradition, reinforcing Christian values with the expectation that they will leave our community in Year 6 with a huge sense of hope and confidence. The children's sense of hope will nourish their will to make a difference to their world and to develop positive relationships with local and wider communities. We work together with our families to support and encourage the faith development of our pupils and are proud of the Christian atmosphere that exists at our school.

It is our aim to create a sense of belonging, which will nurture your child's growth and help create a healthy self-esteem, so necessary for learning. Your involvement in your child's education, whenever possible, is very necessary and always welcome.

We invite you to attend and participate in our celebrations, information meetings, parent inservices, excursions and sports carnivals and to assist with class activities such as reading, craft, maths or sport. We accept help and participation in whatever manner you wish to support our community.

We hope both your child's and your association with St Gregory's is a long and happy one.

Ms Claire Frazer 

Our Staff

Principal (Acting)

Mrs Erin Taylor

Assistant Principal (Acting)

Mrs Kate McManus-Green

MacQuoid Office/Enrolments

Mrs Jane King

Lowe Office/Bursar/Fees

Mrs Emma McAuliffe

K Blue

Mrs Laura Adams and Mrs Emma Gibson

K Gold

Mrs Michelle Hill and Mrs Emma Gibson

K Red

Miss Charlee Cremerius

K White

Mrs Janessa Docking and Mrs Kate Wigg

1 Blue

Miss Natalia Ciuffetelli

1 Gold

Mrs Laura Goodall and Mr Ben Mockler

1 Red

Mrs Kellie D'Souza and Mr Ben Mockler

1 White

Miss Sarah Whalan

2 Blue

Miss Madeline Harman

2 Gold

Mrs Caroline Tanti and Mrs Kate Wigg

2 Red

Miss Tabitha Wormald

2 White

Miss Bridget Allen

3 Blue

Miss Nicola Althaus

3 Gold

Miss Jessica Musgrave and Mrs Sybil Busby

3 Red

Mrs Veronica Hall and Mrs Anna Van Aaken

3 White

Miss Mikaela Walsh

4 Blue

Miss Teegan Blakers

4 Gold

Miss Kiralee Nolan

4 Red

Mr Lloyd Scroope

4 White

Mr James Prpic 

5 Blue

Mr Scott Troldahl

5 Gold

Mr Jamie Marmont

5 Red

Miss Mia Favaloro

6 Blue

Ms Marian Wells and Mrs Carol Saad

6 Gold

Mr Des Gomez and Mr Matthew Maloney

6 White

Mrs Emma Farr

Religious Education Coordinator (Acting)

Mrs Veronica Hall

Wellbeing & Student Behaviour Guidance Coordinator Mr Ben Mockler
Administration Coordinator Mr Matthew Maloney
Curriculum Coordinator & Classroom Support Mrs Val Sheahan

Classroom Support

Mrs Maryann Tarrant


Mrs Melissa Greentree (Yrs3-6)

Mrs Helen Carroll (K-Yr2)

PE & Sport Teacher

Mr Matthew Maloney

LOTE Teacher - Italian

Mrs Lorena Nesa

Music Teacher & Choir

Mrs Dee McFaul

Library Assistant

Mrs Rosalind Wythes

Classroom Support Assistants


Mrs Michelle Comerford, Mrs Di Rouse, Mrs Paula Howard, Mrs Michelle Scott, Mrs Nat Ireland and Mrs Stefanie Jones


Mrs Rosemarie Conroy (MacQuoid)
Mrs Helen Brownlie (Lowe)


Mutsumi Sakaguchi


Patrick Hobday

To email staff, naming conventions are: