Principal's Welcome


We are a school of approximately 690 students with 70 passionate and dedicated teachers and auxiliary staff. I am supported in my role as principal by a leadership team consisting of an assistant principal and five coordinators.

The school is spread across two campuses in Queanbeyan with a small Kinder to Year 1 campus at Lowe Street and our senior campus for Years 2 to 6 students at MacQuoid Street. Althrough spread across the two campuses, we are a united school community and the students love getting together and supporting each other for many school events and activities. 

At St Gregory's we guide your child in the Catholic tradition, reinforcing Christian values. Our aim is that by the time your child leaves Year 6 they will be confident young people with a desire to continue to learn and help others in the community.

St Gregory’s creates a sense of belonging that will both nurture your child and help them to develop self-esteem. We value working together as a team with parents and recognise the importance of parental involvement in a child's education. We encourage you to participate in school activities, and welcome your contribution to your child's experience of the school. 

Thank you for choosing St Gregory’s, we hope that you and your child's association with us is a happy one.

Tiffany Reedy 

Our Staff


Tiffany Reedy

Assistant Principal

Kate McManus-Green

Religious Education Coordinator

Des Gomez

MacQuoid Office/Enrolments/Admin

Nicole Stumbles

Lowe Office/School Fees/Finance

Emma McAuliffe

Office Assistant/Attendance

Di Rouse

K Blue

Marnie Mills and Sarah Whalan-Philpott 

K Gold

Brooke Hitchman

K Red

Sophie Mills

K Silver

Solange Moore

K White

Mikaela Walsh

1 Blue

Michelle Hill and Charlotte Sloane

1 Gold

Kaylee Smith

1 Red

Rebecca Burgess

1 Silver

Anna van Aaken

1 White

Steph Cregan

2 Blue

Stephanie Goodall and Janessa Docking

2 Gold

Jen Ferris and  Megan Clark

2 Red Natalia Ciuffetelli and Bree Stumbles

2 White

Kate Wigg

3 Blue

Samantha Roberts  

3 Gold

Liz Angel

3 Red

Ashleigh Howell

3 White

Sara Phillips

4 Blue  Hayley Saunders 

4 Gold

Zac Arton 

4 Red

Heather Reid and Debbie McNeill

4 White

Grace Smith

5 Blue

Kiralee Nolan

5 Gold

Riley McDonald

5 Red

Emma Farr and Alisa Spackman

6 Blue Des Gomez and Laura Goodall

6 Gold

James Prpic

6 Red Laura Goodall and Kellie D'Souza
Coordinator Matthew Maloney
Coordinator Alisa Spackman
Coordinator Kellie D'Souza
Coordinator Michelle Hill

Wellbeing and Inclusion Contact Teacher

Maryann Tarrant

Classroom Support Assistants

Michelle Comerford, Paula Howard, Micaela Fernance, Charlotte Green, Abbey Herrington, Ashleigh Hobbs, Hamish Hughes, Liam Howard, Molly McIntosh, Celine Saad, Belinda Strahorn, Katie Bissett, Maddy Elliott, Amanda Naughton-Todd and Henry Wilks.


Mary Langdon (Yrs2-6)

Sarah Whalan-Philpott (K-Yr1)

PE & Sport Teacher

Sam Crane

Music Teachers

Maddy Ferris

Library Assistant

Nat Ireland

Indigenous Support Assistant

Sharon Jolley

Defence School Mentor

Michelle Smith

Betty Crowe (MacQuoid)

Michelle Welch (Lowe)


Emma Yu

Patrick Hobday

To email staff, naming conventions are: