School Community Council

The St Gregory’s Community Council has a decision-making role in certain policy areas and an advisory role in others. The policies of the school are always set within the wider mission of Catholic education. In the areas where it has responsibility for the development and monitoring of policy, the Community Council operates within the policy and procedures determined by the Catholic Education Commission and Catholic Education Archdiocese of Canberra-Goulburn.

St Gregory’s Community Council members.

Lee McLean

My name is Lee McLean, and I’m the Chair of the St Gregory’s Community School Council. My wife and I have two children, with our daughter Riley enjoying her time in Year 3 at St Gregory’s. We all feel lucky to be part of such a strong, welcoming and supportive school community and I am delighted to be able to give something back as Chair of the Council.

I really enjoy spending time with my family and friends, following the Bombers in the AFL, reading, and coaching my son’s ever-improving basketball team. In my professional life I work in a government relations and public affairs role with Australian Grape & Wine, the national association for Australia’s wine sector. Prior to this, I worked in the Australian Public Service for a little over ten years, primarily in roles with a foreign policy and international trade focus.

I’m always keen to meet new people in the school community, so please come and say hello if you see me at drop-off, pick-up, or school events. Aside from just enjoying a chat, I’m keen to understand what people think about the school to inform my contributions to the Council and support its efforts to give St. Gregory’s students the best experience they can possibly have.

Ben Mills


My name is Ben Mills and I'm the Deputy Chair on the St Gregory’s Community School Council.

I am the proud Dad of Evie and Lachlan. Evie is currently in 2 Red and Lachlan will be joining us as a student next year.

I have joined the school council because it is important to me to be an active part of our school and our community. I want to help build our school to be the best it can be for the future of my kids and all the kids that are part of our family here at St Gregory's.

I contribute to the Queanbeyan area through my work in real estate and am extremely passionate about our community and its continued improvement and advancement.

I am an avid sports lover and love spending my spare time outdoors, enjoying activities such as camping and fishing.

I look forward to getting to know all the parents, carers, and members of our community and offering help and support wherever I can.

Amy Bresnik

My name is Amy Bresnik and I am the Fundraising coordinator on the St Gregory’s Community School Council.

I’m the proud Mum of Grace, Lachlan and Lily.

Grace is currently in Year 4 and Lachlan is in Year 1 at St Gregory’s and we look forward to Lily starting in the coming years.

My husband and his brothers attended St Gregory’s and we wanted the same opportunities for our kids as we live locally and love the area.

I’m passionate about our school community and have been a part of the School Community Council for a number of years now. I feel very fortunate that I am able to contribute to our School and act as a voice for the parents of St Gregory’s.

I think we have a terrific community with an inclusive and diverse culture. I have seen my children thrive in our school environment and appreciate all the effort and dedication of our teachers and staff.

I have had the chance to be involved in some of the school's activities to date, including class excursions, discos, family BBQ’s and fundraising events. I am really looking forward to supporting some exciting fundraising events for this year.

I am enjoying a break from the busy life of an EA for now. In my downtime, I enjoy catching up with and supporting our ever-expanding extended family, backing the Brumbies and I love a good coffee. If you ever see me at pick and drop off, please come, and say hi. I encourage everyone to get involved with our school community.

Dave Bremers

I am the proud dad of Heidi in Year 1 and two more future St Greg's students, Lara and Marcus. I want to contribute to the school, that is doing so well for our daughter, by representing the views of the parents to the school leadership. I am a firefighter of 10 years and enjoy the outdoors, including camping and hiking.I seek to be a conduit between the parents and school leadership, which will assist the council to advise on policy. If you see me, please feel free to come and have a chat. You'll recognise me by the white bike we use to drop our kids off at the front gate.

Carina Robinson

My name is Carina and I’m really pleased to join the St Gregory’s Community School Council as Secretary. My husband Craig and I run a local small business and have lived in the Queanbeyan-Palerang region for many generations. We feel a strong sense of connection to the parish, school and broader community. Our eldest child James started at St Greg’s four years ago and is living his best life this year with the crew in Year 3 White. Our younger son William started Kindergarten in 2022 and is endlessly excited by the giant jar of A Choice reward sprinkles in the Kinder Red classroom, which have been the highlight of his transition to school! I am inspired by the innovative thinking and dedication of our teachers who bring joy to our children on their learning journeys. One of the things I value most about St Greg’s is the inclusive and holistic focus that helps children to grow as people, as well as academic students. So many members of the teaching and support staff guide my children every day to act with kindness, to make good choices and to show integrity, including those moments when it’s really hard.

I was motivated to join the Council to make a greater contribution to our school and support students, their families, teachers and staff. I am keen to generate engagement on important issues in our school community and ensure the Council provides a balanced representative view in exercising its functions. Leveraging the diverse perspectives in our school community will enable us to respond effectively to our shared challenges and make the best of new opportunities as we continually grow and improve. 

My professional background is in the health, education and social care sectors. I’ve worked as a Human Services Practitioner for more than 20 years supporting older people, people with a disability and those experiencing disadvantage. I’ve recently left NSW Government, where I held senior roles in educational strategy, industry engagement and training design. I’m now enjoying work back in the not for profit sector leading strategic initiatives in aged care reform. In my spare time you’ll find me cooking, gardening, playing the piano (fairly badly) and enjoying life with family and friends.

My greatest hope is for my children to develop a love of learning to carry with them throughout their lives. I am passionate about the difference high quality education can make in a person’s life and welcome the opportunity to support the school community through the work of the Council. Please say hello if you see me at school pick up or get in touch with the Council, we would love to hear from you.

Key responsibilities of the St Gregory’s Community Council include:

  • Promoting the Catholic dimension of the school.
  • Providing pastoral care to members of the community.
  • Advising on the financial management of the school.
  • Advising on policy formation.
  • Developing and monitoring school enterprises.
  • Developing local strategic plans (finances, building, resources).
  • Developing capital and maintenance programs within the school.
  • Providing student services i.e. 2nd hand clothing pool, and providing support for school programs i.e. working bees, sports programs.
  • Building community and providing opportunities for social interaction and for parents to form supportive networks.
  • Managing fundraising efforts.

Specific Roles of the St Gregory’s Community Council

The St Gregory’s community Council has the responsibility to take decisions in the following areas:

  • Supporting the development of the Catholic identity, ethos and mission of the school.
  • Supporting pastoral care strategies in the school community.
  • Promoting the school in the local community.
  • Assisting in developing, approving and monitoring the annual budget, including school determined levies, loan commitments and the fees collection and remission policy.
  • Developing and monitoring school enterprises.
  • Developing capital and maintenance programs.
  • Developing local strategic plans (finances, buildings, resources) and contributing to Archdiocesan educational strategic planning.
  • Facilitate local school community debate in response to System leadership by the CEC and the CEO in lobbying governments in school funding campaigns.
  • Approving school uniform items decided at the school level.
  • Ensuring that the parish and school community receives the Annual

School Community Council Report

The St Gregory's Community Council has the responsibility to provide advice in areas such as:

  • Curriculum offerings.
  • Consulting with the parents on the expenditure of levies or funds in keeping with Archdiocesan regulations.
  • Educational policies for the school, eg reporting, homework.
  • Student welfare policies, eg discipline, sun safe.
  • Parent support processes.
  • Other matters as requested by the Parish Priest or Principal.

The St Gregory’s Council also has a major role to play as a parent forum, in developing the community of parents, students and staff, and in fundraising. These functions include:

  • Provide input on parent priorities and suggest ideas about Catholic schooling.
  • Raise money for school resources as identified in the School’s Strategic Plan and Annual Budget.
  • Assist in determining the priorities for the disbursement of funds raised in accordance with the School’s Strategic Plan and Annual Budget.
  • Provide student services eg. 2nd hand clothing pool.
  • Provide support for school programs eg. working bees.
  • Provide opportunities for social interaction and for parents to form supportive networks.

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